Friday, November 30, 2012

What Should Children Read?

Over the Thanksgiving break I received a flurry of emails regarding this article, which was posted in the New York Times. We have been having this conversation internally. I found the article to be very stimulating. Educators are on the brink of a major shift in reading and writing. The battle between fiction and nonfiction is on. 

With the adoption of the Common Core Standards we seem to have little choice of what to assign our students. So, how do we deal with this shift .....even when philosophically one might disagree?

This article has even motivated me to look at additional resources for our school. On Monday Kristen and I will be meeting with a representative for an online newspaper app for the iPad. 

Your thoughts are welcomed.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad Dreams Teachers Have.... and What Do They Mean?

I'm sure we have all lost sleep at night over a pending school issue.... Thought this would be a fun article for you to read. Please feel free to comment on what your nightmare was!

“Even your worst nightmares are just your brain doing its thing to help you become a better teacher,” says Florida teacher Roxanna Elden in this Educational Horizons article. Here are her interpretations of some recurring teacher nightmares:
            You come to school in a bathrobe, your pajamas, or the clothes you went out in last night. Interpretation: feeling vulnerable, inadequate, afraid of being unprepared.
            You are already running late and then get lost on your way to school. Interpretation: perhaps a desire to avoid responsibility, or perhaps just fear of being late.
            Your subject or grade level has been changed at the last minute. Interpretation: fear of wasting all that preparation you’ve done for your classes due to capricious administrators.
            Students come to your house and start helping themselves to bowls of cereal from your kitchen cabinets while you think of ways to keep them busy. Interpretation: you think about your students all the time.
            You are in a physical fight with a student, fellow teacher, or administrator. Interpretation: fight dreams express a desire to defend your honor, values, or personal space. They may also reveal anger, frustration, or a genuine desire to hurt the person in question.
            Your classroom is in the cafeteria, an open field, or an irregularly shaped room in which you can’t see all your students and they can’t hear anything you say. Interpretation: preparing oneself for the worst possible teaching scenario.

“Class Dismissed! Your Unscientific Guide to Interpreting Teacher Nightmares” by Roxanna Elden in Educational Horizons, October/November 2012 (Vol. 91, #1, p. 31)