Friday, January 25, 2013

Can Student Surveys Measure Teaching Quality?

Many of you may remember Ron Ferguson. He was the keynote speaker at our last opening convocations in Montclair. Dr. Ferguson is has developed a student survey that was utilized in national study called the Measures of Effective Teaching Project or MET Project. This 3 year study was designed to determine how to best identify and promote great teaching. Nearly 3,000 teachers participated from 7 U.S. public schools.

The linked article is a must read! Ron Ferguson's 7 C's, which are Care, Control, Clarify, Challenge, Captivate, Confer, and Consolidate were discussed at our first faculty meeting as a great way to self-assess your teaching. Theses 7 indicators are now identified as being predictors of effective teaching through the MET Project. Our new superintendent plans to pilot the student survey this year in Montclair (You probably want to be familiar with it).

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