Sunday, March 20, 2011

How you doin'?

As we look towards Spring and no doubt see Summer in the near future many of us have reached our threshold. Spring break often serves as a nice island of relaxation and recovery, which often carries us to the end of the year. Stress in our profession is unavoidable. Understandably, I am in part responsible for some of it (sorry!) and like arsenic building up in our system, there is no question that without a remedy we are bound to get hurt. Plan books, lesson plans, conferences, professional development, observations, curriculum, performances, school tours, faculty meetings, phone calls, incidents, duties, politics, blogs!....... How do you protect yourself from stress? What tricks do you have to manage your workload? Since we're all in the same boat I thought I would use this forum to check in and simply ask "How you Doin'?"

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